Jotir Mano

Indian Astrology or Jotisha Shastra is highly popular through out the world for its mystic natured varieties and practices.
It is more practiced as “phala jotisha” means to keep eye on the worldly earnings. But we in Jotir Mano Vignan Kendra steered by Shri Harish Kashyap understand this in more scientific ways. Again literally it does not mean the material science, but more of psychological and philosophical means of science.

Many in the human world do not understand that science has different angles and means of existance. They only follow body sciences, physics and mathematical means of sciences which explains and unfolds the matter world. But Jotisha not only does work in physical existence of worlds but deals with the root cause of the creation.

Creation is existant- and that existant is being done and controlled by super natural being which we just cannot term as mere existance. Its beyond all the existant factors. Hence its called as Brahm.
Brahma gnana- is the core source of Vedic astro sciences or Jotisha shaastra.

This Brahma gnana has six ways of studies in vedas namely
1. Shiksha 2. Kalpa 3. Vyakarana 4. Nirukta 5. Jotisha 6. Chandas

These six sections are again divided into many subjects and all are in ancient sanskrit language which is the greatest gift to mankind and the oldest bunch of knowledge. Entire human race’s matter and immortal knowledge is the by-product of this Vedas.

In this study of vedas, these 6 divisions Jotishya is known as the EYE to vedas- because of its physical, psychological and divine features dipicted by ancient sages such as Vasista, Bhrigu, Kashyapa, Parashara, Vedvyas to name only a few.

To this era- we practice the kaarmic reasons and divine practices which are the live roots of Indian tattva shastra in order to provide solutions to the peoples problems and getting them into the Sath path. Complete horoscope analysis / psychological or kaarmic hearing / counselling / gemology / temple and home related vaastu / puja rituals and remedies ….are the lines we follow to understand a person’s life and living , therein we come to a proper shaastriya conclusion about his/her issues and provide solutions.

People are invited to get into Jotir Mano Vignan – services in order to gain knowledge and at the same time to get rid of their problems.

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Shri Harish Kashyap Guruji on TV9

1) Vajapeya yaga – Shri Harish Kashyap is seen from 7.30 mins

2) Vajapeya yaga – Shri Harish Kashyap is seen from 8.10 mins

3) 2012 predictions by Shri Harish Kashyap


1 thought on “Horoscopy”

  1. Can i please have d contact details of shri.harish kashyap as i want to ask regarding my son shyam sundar who is 13 years old born on 30th augest 2002…he is very short tempered n doesnt like to study very hyper active n restless…

    Thank you

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