About Shri Harish Kashyap

Mobile – 94808 65567 / 98452 77565
Shri Harish Kashyap being an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna espouses the Bhakti Marga for devotion to God as popularised by Daasa regime. With his deep understanding of Daasa Sahitya, he exposes many other facets of Hindu philosophy which can mesmerize you. During his passionate discourses drawing inspiration from Daasa Sahitya, he has enabled us to find the meaning and real purpose behind basic rituals of Hindu Dharma followed in our day-to-day lives. Powered with this understanding creates keen interest in other areas of our Sanatana Dharma like Yoga, Pranayama, Dhyana, studying holy scriptures, to know real message behind Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana and many other areas. These might be easily dismissed by many of us to be beyond our grasp or adds no real value in our already hectic lifestyle or even worse as things to do only when we grow old or become retired. This is where Shri Harish Kashyap dispels the myth and helps to create awareness to adopt proven old-age practices in our modern-day living which is essential for leading healthy and happy life.

This blog is a platform to capture in writing his discourses which can empower with Real Knowledge and put us on path of Devotion to God. It is also to enable like-minded people to network together and expand the community to get benefited from Yoga, Pranayama ,Dhyana and Sankirtan sessions conducted by Shri Harish Kashyap

About –  Shri Harish Kashyap Guruji

Shri Kashyap hails from a Brahmin family who is well verse in Kannada, English and Urdu Hindi, write and preaches in all the three languages.

He has written four volumes of book in Kannada named ‘Aravinedege‘- on ‘Indian Philosophy’ based on self-experiences. He also has penned more than 1500 poems, ughabhogas, kirtanas and songs in Kannada in lines on ‘Hari-Daasa Sahitya’. These are compiled in four volumes of book named ‘HariNaamaGhosha‘.   He has been conferred a Naamankita “Vibhunatha Vittala” by ‘Sangeeta Kalanidhi’ Shri VidhyaBhushana.

Through his Registered trust-Shri Krishna Bhakti Sadhana Parishat, Harish Kashyap is working to promote ‘devotional value based life’ through satsangs, sankeeratan sessions, ashtanga yoga and unique meditation principles to young minds

He is into philosophical researches in his own unique ways for over 15 years which cover Yoga,Pranayama,Dhyana,studying Horoscopes, Vaastu shastras, Gemology and Puja rituals. Through his studies and guidance from Vedic gurus he has developed a method of Sankirtan-Dhyaan-Jignaasa using which he has vision for addressing current issues of the society in particular to younger generation.

Now in late 30s living with his family and managing a business has not stopped him from composing poems, songs, writing books, texts on Philosophy of Devotion, for delivering discourses on various topics of Dharmikata, conducting Yoga sessions and holding Sankirtan sessions once every month. This rarest quality when found in one person becomes a magnet to people on Spiritual Quest.


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